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Service User Involvement

What is Service User Involvement?

Washington Mind aims to develop and deliver services that are based upon the needs of our service users. Genuine user involvement is central to the work we do. By becoming involved you can help us to deliver appropriate and worthwhile services that meet your needs and the needs of the community we serve. Service users bring their knowledge and their experiences and play an invaluable part in shaping the mental health services that we provide. By becoming involved not only do you assist the organisation you can also increase your confidence and develop your skills. (The term ‘service user’ can be seen as being quite negative…Washington Mind has discussed this and it was decided by our ‘service users’ that this term is acceptable to our ‘service users’).

Access the Getting Involved leaflet here! 

How can I get involved?

Service User Meetings
Steering and Focus Groups
Executive Sub Group
Newsletter Group
Volunteering Opportunities
Training Opportunities
How to provide your views on the services Washington Mind provides?

Things you said and what we did:

You Said...We Did...

You found us difficult to find

Liaised with the council and a road sign is now in place to direct visitors to the building

You Said...We Did...

You wanted our text service back

Our new text service number is now in action 07507330995

You Said...We Did...

You wanted an Open Mind session in the Coalfield area

We now have a session on Tuesday from 2-4pm at the Hetton centre

You Said...We Did...

the new Hetton Open Mind session was on too late

changed the time to 2-4pm